Donate – Ways to Donate


Make a one off donation

You can make a real difference:

  • £15 can buy a hand-held ‘stirring drum’
  • £30 would pay for a small djembe drum
  • £40 pays for a music therapy session
  • £250 will fund a day’s music therapy
  • £2,500 pays for a Soundtracks project in a special school


Here’s how to donate:

Online – Donate securely online by visiting MyDonate,  VirginMoneyGiving or JustGiving

By Post – please download the donation form and send the completed form with a cheque made payable to Jessie’s Fund at: Jessie’s Fund, 15 Priory Street, York YO1 6ET

By CAF Charity Accountclick here or send a CAF cheque along with a completed donation form by post as above

By phone – please call us on (01904) 658189

Find out about Gift Aid


Regular giving: Friends of Jessie’s Fund

Regular gifts enable Jessie’s Fund to plan ahead as they provide us with a steady income stream.

Standing orders are the most efficient way of supporting our work and minimising administration costs. Setting up a regular gift of at least £2 per month means that you will become a Friend of Jessie’s Fund. If you are a UK taxpayer, we can claim back Gift Aid on your donation.

  • £2 per month (or £24 per year) makes you a Friend of Jessie’s Fund
  • £10 per month for a year could provide 3 music therapy sessions
  • A year at £20 per month could fund a day’s music therapy in a children’s hospice
  • £50 per month over a year could buy a portable instrument kit
  • A year at £200 per month would fund a week-long Soundtracks project


Set up a Regular Gift by Post

Make a Monthly Gift Online


Payroll Giving

Donations to Jessie’s Fund made through Payroll Giving are taken from your salary before tax. For example, every £10 you give will only actually cost you £8 (at the standard 20% tax rate); the taxman pays the balance. If you pay higher rate tax at 40%, the actual cost of a £10 donation is only £6.

You can use Payroll Giving provided you are an employee and your employer operates a Payroll Giving scheme. If they don’t, you could ask if they would be willing to start one.

If you have decided to give through Payroll Giving, you can download and print the Payroll giving form. If you don’t have a printer, email your details to us and we’ll post a form to you. Complete the payroll giving form and give it to your employer to authorise them to deduct your donation from your regular pay. Please also send a copy of your completed form to Jessie’s Fund, 15 Priory Street, York YO1 6ET.

Click here for more information about Payroll Giving.


Gift Aid

Gift Aid allows registered charities in the UK to claim back tax on donations. So if you are a UK taxpayer, you can complete a Gift Aid declaration when you make a donation and we can claim back 25p for every £1 that you donate (at basic rate).

Please download, complete and send your donation form with its Gift Aid Declaration to Jessie’s Fund, 15 Priory Street, York YO1 6ET.

Click here to find out more about Gift Aid