Soundtracks – a Creative Music Programme

Soundtracks is an exciting programme of creative workshops specifically designed for children in special schools. Students and staff work with professional musicians, taking part in a creative musical process and producing high quality performances and recordings.

Our musicians are experts at involving all children, whatever their abilities, leading to a special sense of achievement and increased self-esteem for all.

The workshops also include structured learning and support for teachers, providing the skills and confidence to use music in the classroom.

Soundtracks musicians use a wide range of composition techniques, instruments and visual stimuli to create work with children and staff. Previous projects have included:

  • Composing music for film
  • Making art works and music from the natural environment
  • Developing compositions based around machines
  • Making music based on stories and myths

You can see some Soundtracks video clips here.

Soundtracks projects usually last for 5 days and each project is carefully planned and developed with the school to ensure the learning needs of children and staff are met. We are also working with a small number of schools on a 2 year music development programme. Schools have on-going access to support materials and advice, and we have a wealth of ideas to help with music-making on our resources pages.

“Your musicians brought excitement, vitality, energy, and ideas to the school and left lots of smiles. The chance to work with you all over a two year period is both exciting and a unique opportunity for our staff and pupils. The impact on pupils’ lives could be radical.”


Interested in Soundtracks?

If you would like to find out more about the Soundtracks programme please get in touch with our Soundtracks Project Manager, Tom Northey.


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