Jessie’s Fund: Our Mission

Jessie’s Fund was established as a registered charity in April 1995 with the aim of helping seriously ill and disabled children in all areas of the UK through the therapeutic use of music.

Communication is one of the most basic needs of everyone. There are many children who have communication difficulties: some have no means to communicate at all. Music can provide a powerful and profound way in which they can express themselves and connect with the world around them.


Our goals:

  • To help all children with complex needs to lead active musical lives within their schools and to help staff use music as a means of communication and learning.
  • To equip every children’s hospice in the UK with the appropriate instruments for creative and therapeutic music and to establish, by a pattern of three-year funding programmes, music therapy posts at each children’s hospice in the UK.
  • To help children in hospitals, children’s centres and in their own homes to benefit from music used therapeutically as a form of communication and expression.