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  • 04
    May 2015
    Please vote for us!

    Please VOTE FOR US to give us a chance to win a £7,800 bid from the Aviva Community Fund. The finalists are chosen by public vote, and you’ve won similar competitions for us in the past, so please do it again now. If we won, we would use the money to fund a Soundtracks project […]


  • 03
    May 2015
    The Jessie’s Fund Swanee Whistle Challenge

    We’re very excited to be announcing the launch, by none other than our patron Victoria Wood, of the Jessie’s Fund Swanee Whistle Challenge. It’s a bit of fun through social networking, but with a serious purpose: letting more people know about Jessie’s Fund. You can see Victoria Wood’s video and find out how easy it […]


  • 24
    Mar 2015
    Concerts in May

    On 10th May the Fitzwilliam String Quartet played an all Beethoven programme at the lovely Old Church in Stoke Newington – to a packed and appreciative audience. Beethoven also features in the concert on Wednesday 20th May, at Toll Gavel United Church, Beverley. Alongside his Septet, which was one of the most popular works of […]


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Jessie’s Fund is a UK charity helping children with additional and complex needs to communicate and express themselves through the use of music. We work with children in hospices, special schools and in other settings nationwide, giving them access to music-making and to music therapy. See short video clips here.

2JF 20 small015 is our 20th anniversary. We’re marking this major milestone with a series of events throughout the year and we hope you’ll celebrate our achievements with us. Here is our 20th anniversary programme.



Victoria Wood, Comedian, writer, actor and director.

Victoria Wood

Our Patron

“So why Jessie’s Fund? …

What I love about music is we don’t know what it is, how it works, and it doesn’t matter.

It’s all about totally personal response, it helps us find out who we are, and we all deserve that, however many days we’re given.”

Read the full message–>



Charles HazlewoodCharles Hazlewood

Our 20th Anniversary Patron

“Music can reach parts untouched by anything else. That is never so clear as when making music with children who cannot communicate in any other way. Listening to and making music is their voice and their creativity. It is a thing which brings them to life and laughter like nothing else. And it is the heart of Jessie’s Fund – a wonderful charity which brings the magic of music to children in the most difficult circumstances.”